A very uncertain future: continuing my vulval cancer journey (part 1)

A year ago today I lay on my back, spread my legs and my life changed for ever.  Yes – that had happened before, most notably around New Year’s eve in 1989 when I conceived my son.  But this was a whole new ball game – one in which I could see no joy, justContinue reading “A very uncertain future: continuing my vulval cancer journey (part 1)”

A constant state of flux

Friday 7th December – 66 days since diagnosis; 38 days after (first) surgery I have started this post so many times in the 4 weeks since my last … So much to say, yet so difficult to commit to the written word.  How to convey the emotions and rapidly cycling, fluctuating thoughts?  I begin withContinue reading “A constant state of flux”

Do I have to be brave?

Saturday November 10th – 39 days since diagnosis; 17 days after surgery Yesterday I ventured out alone. I drove for the first time since my surgery and did some food shopping.  If you had happened to see me in Sainsbury’s you wouldn’t know I had cancer or that I was recovering from surgery.  I lookContinue reading “Do I have to be brave?”

Men are inherently dangerous – aren’t they?

Last night I went to bed seething over the ignorance and bigotry of Andrea Leadsom so publicly outed.  I did what I am encouraged to do … I didn’t over-react and engage my mouth before putting my brain in gear. I slept on it.  Well, slept is a gross exaggeration.  I tossed and turned andContinue reading “Men are inherently dangerous – aren’t they?”


My resolutions for this year were minimal. Having ended an arduous 2014 in a state of exhaustion, my commitment to myself was to take time for me –one day a week where I do NO work. I have taken to “pottering” with a little difficulty – the decision to switch off seems much simpler thanContinue reading “Shadowman”