The sorry state of my lady parts …

Tuesday 2nd October 2018.  A mature (more mature than me ….), bespectacled consultant gynaecologist, donned in white with latex gloves, with the now requisite nurse chaperone in attendance, gently teased his fingers where no man has put his fingers for quite some time now … No more than 30 seconds; that’s all it took. “I’mContinue reading “The sorry state of my lady parts …”

Men are inherently dangerous – aren’t they?

Last night I went to bed seething over the ignorance and bigotry of Andrea Leadsom so publicly outed.  I did what I am encouraged to do … I didn’t over-react and engage my mouth before putting my brain in gear. I slept on it.  Well, slept is a gross exaggeration.  I tossed and turned andContinue reading “Men are inherently dangerous – aren’t they?”


My resolutions for this year were minimal. Having ended an arduous 2014 in a state of exhaustion, my commitment to myself was to take time for me –one day a week where I do NO work. I have taken to “pottering” with a little difficulty – the decision to switch off seems much simpler thanContinue reading “Shadowman”

Inspiration, Innovation and Impact – the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology Conference, 2014

London, 10th July – the eve of my second Division of Counselling Psychology conference – my first as Dr Sue Whitcombe, no longer a trainee.  The pre-conference hype promised much.  A veritable feast of renowned keynote speakers, an enticing menu of topical research and some tasty workshops. The buzz was already palpable in the balmyContinue reading “Inspiration, Innovation and Impact – the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology Conference, 2014”